New forms for Programme Endorsement available now

As part of reviewing the Programme Endorsement process, the Workforce Development Councils have amended the application form.

There are now two forms: one when submitting a new programme application and a separate, more condensed version, when submitting a type two application (change to an approved programme).

The main changes are:

New programme applications using this form need to include:

• A brief rationale explaining why the programme has been developed
• Commentary against each of the six considerations to outline how the programme meets each consideration’s requirements. (Please note: the application form must be filled out in full, referring to separate documents in lieu of an answer will not be accepted.)

Type two programme endorsements need to use this form and provide details of the programme change.

The full new programme application form is not required when submitting a type two programme change request, as changes are often minimal. Instead, you’ll be able to comment only on where the change has impacted the consideration.

As part of the review of the Programme Endorsement process, we’re also looking at:

  • How we can reduce potential overlap with NZQA
  • How we can manage standard documents, making them easily shared across the WDCs to reduce submission for each application.

We will continuously review the programme endorsement process and welcome feedback on making this as streamlined as possible.

If you need any assistance with programme endorsements, please get in touch at [email protected].