Image of Andrew Riches

Andrew Riches

Industry Manager

Talk to Andrew if you’re in these industries;

  • Binding and Finishing
  • Direct Mail Production
  • Fibreboard and Paper Packaging
  • Print
  • Signmaking
  • Supply Chain
  • Warehousing and Storage
  • Customs and Freight Support Services
  • Postal and Courier Services
  • Digital Infrastructure
  • Driving Skills
  • Commercial Road Transport

Andrew Riches resides in Ōtepoti and boasts a robust background in manufacturing residential and commercial joinery, alongside extensive experience in the residential and commercial glazing industry. Proficient in personnel management, Andrew excels in cultivating strong industry relationships and achieving positive outcomes.

Balancing a passion for the outdoors with a dedication to family, Andrew embodies a well-rounded professional committed to excellence both within and beyond the workplace. His family, including two rapidly growing children, and a supportive wife who shares his enthusiasm for adventure, form an integral part of his life. In his free time, Andrew can often be found exploring the hills of Central Otago or navigating the mountains and valleys surrounding Aoraki.

Eager about the potential for collaboration within the industry, Andrew brings not just extensive experience but also genuine enthusiasm to contribute to the success of businesses in Aotearoa.