Aotearoa is rich in precious metals, minerals, and plentiful underground reservoirs. We are fortunate to have an extractives sector in Aotearoa that can harness these resources, many of which contribute to and enhance the quality of our daily lives. The sector contributes positively to the country socially and economically, providing employment, domestic and export earnings, and the minerals that are key components in electronics, cars, refrigerators and more. The contribution of the extractives industry may not always be obvious to everyday consumers, but it is critical, nonetheless.


The Extractive NIAG is made up of:

  • Mining
  • Quarrying
  • Drilling

Extractives NIAG’s priority areas:

  •  It can be a struggle to get young people into the sector 
  •  A lack of connection through schools 
  •  Upskilling the workforce 
  •  Reviewing of current quals and look to include CoCs.

  • Ray Haley
  • Mike Higgins
  • Fiona Bartier
  • Wayne Scott
  • Sam Woodford
  • Justin Wallace
  • Keri Harrison
  • John Preston
  • Peter O’Sullivan
  • Tim Kennedy

The next NIAG meeting will be held on Wednesday 22 May, 2024.