Commercial Transport


Whether it’s by road, rail or on the water, the commercial transport sector is the lifeblood of Aotearoa. Producers, importers, and exporters depend on the timely and efficient movement of goods around the country. Commercial transport keeps industry moving, shelves full and the country functioning.

The Commercial Transport NIAG covers:

  • Commercial Road Transport
  • Rail Transport
  • Water Freight and Passenger Transport
  • Driving Skills

Commercial Transport priority areas:

  • Improved collaboration between industry and providers in relation to the design of the programs delivered to learners. Balance between theory and practical.
  • The need for training programs to upskill workers on the new technology and systems that are being introduced to Aotearoa’s fleets.
  • Developing pathways for career progression that enable equal opportunities for all learners.
  • Challenges of a diverse workforce including learners with English as a second language and learners facing difficulties with theory-based qualifications.


  • David Boyce
  • David Jenkins
  • Dom Kalasih
  • Kelsi Ng Lam
  • Lance Gush
  • Mark Rothwell
  • Michael Doeg
  • Milo Coldren
  • Murray Young
  • Neil Carr
  • Peter Kara
  • Peter Sheppard

The next NIAG meeting will be in the first quarter of 2024 - more details to come