The automotive industry is critical to the efficient running of the country’s private and commercial vehicles – it literally keeps the wheels of industry turning.

The increasing numbers of electric and hybrid vehicles in the national fleet has been a major development for the automotive industry over recent years.

In 2018, just over 1 per cent of all new cars registered were electric. In 2023, the market share (determined by new car registration) of battery-electric, plug-in and hybrid cars was almost 45 per cent. This growth corresponds with a decline in demand for petrol-only cars.

The Automotive NIAG is made up of:

  • Heavy Automotive Engineering
  • Light Automotive Engineering
  • Automotive Parts and Wholesaling
  • Collision Repair
  • Forklift (Powered Industrial Lift Trucks).

Automotive NIAG priority areas:

  • Emerging technology eg EVs and how they will impact anticipated industry needs
  • Development of targeted micro-credentials to address identified gaps in training
  • How to promote the automotive sector as a long-term career option.

  • Andrew Trumper
  • Charlie Wikaira
  • Craig Martin
  • Darren O’Connor
  • Douglas Blair
  • Dylan Cairns
  • Len Richards
  • Lionel Rowe
  • Loretta Thompson
  • Neil Pritchard
  • Rodney Grant
  • Warren Flowerday

The next NIAG meeting will be held online in the second quarter of 2024 – more details to come.