He Mahere Moana – Statement of Strategic Direction 2023-2028

We are immensely proud to be able to share with you, He Mahere Moana, our Statement of Strategic Direction (SSD). This document forms the foundation of our mahi for the next five years (2023-28).

n this document, we reflect on our journey ahead and draw on the inspiration of wayfinding which has manufacturing, engineering and logistics at the heart of it. With significant cultural guidance, we sought an opportunity to draw on traditional skills, stories and aspirations to influence how we, much like other culturesmany before us, can seek out greater horizons and better opportunities.

Haere mai! We welcome you to board our waka and travel with us on our haerenga (journey) towards a transformed vocational education system.

Read He Mahere Moana – our Statement of Strategic Direction 2023 – 2028.

Ngā wāhanga o te waka | Interconnected work

This journey is not one travelled alone but with the collective skills and will of many within this ecosystem as we navigate towards our shared goal of transforming the vocational education system for Aotearoa.

This aspiration can’t be achieved in isolation, and to reflect this, our SSD is designed to work together with our other supporting documents to help us navigate the path ahead.

Our SSD is our vision for the future, our Letter of Expectation has shown us our priorities for the year ahead, and our soon-to-be-released Operational Plan for 2023-24 will outline our key commitments to deliver in this leg of the journey.

Ngā pou | Strategic pillars

Our pillars are the foundation of our mahi. We look to these pou as a representation of our commitments and values which we uphold to truly advocate for industry and those currently underserved by the vocational education system.

Each pou can stand on its own, but it is through actioning all four together will we see transformation being achieved. Our four pou are:

He kāpehu whetū  | Our compass 

Though we have a course set out and a horizon in the distance to navigate towards, there are many pathways to success and opportunities to achieve impactful outcomes. Our kāpehu (compass) shows eight aspirational objectives we are aiming for.

These objectives also highlight the many areas in which collaboration is a requirement for success.

Many voices contributed to our SSD to ensure we are equipped with the navigational tools to achieve impactful outcomes for those we serve.

Ngā mihi nui to our industry partners, iwi, hapū, as well as our kaimahi and governing Council for the vital role you’ve all played in forming this document.