Qualification Advisory Groups

Qualification Advisory Groups (also known as QAGs) are formed to review a sector’s qualification suite.

Qualification Advisory Groups consist of representatives with experience, knowledge and skills in particular industry sectors.

The groups are responsible for driving the development of qualifications to meet the current and future skills and workforce development needs of industry.

Responsibilities of QAGs

The three core responsibilities for QAGs are:

  • Scrutinising current qualifications and their viability and suggest changes/updates where necessary
  • Contributing to the development of new qualifications
  • Collaborating with Hanga-Aro-Rau delivery partners to identify the best way to deliver the qualifications and associated training programmes.

QAG members are expected to have:

  • Experience in their sector and a solid understanding of the roles within. They may be operations managers, executive staff, team leaders, Human Resources, training and development representatives, and industry association representatives.
  • An interest in the development of the skills and training of their sector.
  • A willingness to collaborate with others in their sector, including Hanga-Aro-Rau and our delivery partners.


The time requirement of QAG members varies, depending on the size of each qualification suite.

Where possible, we ask QAG members to commit to seeing each review through to completion, including providing final sign-off and supporting Hanga-Aro-Rau to respond to any queries from the New Zealand Qualification Authority.

A minimum of two face-to-face/online meetings are usually necessary, with further email input and feedback on proposed changes.

Current reviews

To learn more about the reviews we are currently undertaking, click here.

QAG expression of interest

If you’re passionate about any of the industries with qualifications under review and want to help transform vocational education in Aotearoa, we want to hear from you! Please complete our QAG expression of interest form here:

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