Binding and finishing, die-making micro-credential

Hanga-Aro-Rau recently finished the review of print qualifications and identified a need for several micro-credentials. These micro-credentials were raised and supported by the Print NZ Association and Qualification Advisory Group (QAG) during the print qualification review.

Micro-credentials are smaller training packages that are formally recognised. They are made up of a targeted set of skills used in industry that provide pathways to or from qualifications

The micro-credential for the binding and finishing industry is the following:

  • Letter press operation micro-credential

As well as the above micro-credentials, the following was also identified for the die-making industry:

  • Die-forming micro-credential

We recognise that the above micro-credentials for the binding and finishing, and die-making industries can support the establishment of clearer pathways into the industries as well as support the upskilling of the existing workforce.

We invite you to share your thoughts and support for these micro-credentials. This feedback is invaluable for shaping the future of vocational education for the print sector.

Please provide your feedback through this survey or contact us directly if you have any questions. Please provide your feedback by close of business Monday 21 August.

Qualification Advisory Group (QAG) members

  • Allen Masterson – Blue Star
  • Colin Lean – Logans Print
  • Dean Oliver – Blue Star
  • Flo Kauri – Western Mailing
  • Fred Soar – Soar Printing Co Ltd
  • Glyn Burrows – Speedprint
  • Grant Alsop – Competenz
  • Ivan Donaldson – Western Mailing
  • Jim Grainger – Print House
  • Josh Lindsay – Direct Print and Mail Solutions
  • Kate Maguire – Jenkins Freshpac Systems
  • Malcolm Pearce – Competenz
  • Matthew Stockford – Gravure Packaging
  • Patricia Brooking – Competenz
  • Phil Norvill – ACI Print
  • Ross Halliday – Stratex
  • Russell Wieck – New Zealand Media and Entertainment NZME
  • Ruth Cobb – Print NZ
  • Sowane Puamau – NZ Post